We’ll teach you how to be natural, relaxed and expressive when speaking publicly
Turning fear to your advantage / Being aware of and managing your attention and focus / Maintaining contact with your audience / Making your body language truly expressive / Enlivening and enriching your text and voice / Making effective use of pauses, points, and culminations / Bringing your core messages to the fore / Adjusting to the audience’s reactions

We’ll teach you how to write and tell stories 
Where can you source stories from? / Defining the message of your story and sticking to the main topic / Defining the events of your story and making good use of them / Using detail i.e. descriptions of the characters and situations / Managing the structure of your story / Generating drama and excitement

We’ll teach you how to deliver a clear, engaging text and how to compose a speech
How to structure an engaging, convincing and logical speech or pitch / Defining and delivering your core messages / Using examples, metaphors, analogies and stories / Mapping the audience’s counterarguments, fears and preconceptions and turning them to your advantage / Universal formulas for clear and compelling speaking in spontaneous situations / How to make effective crib notes

We’ll teach you how to use presentation materials
When should you use presentation materials, and what for? / How should you structure your presentation materials? / Dividing information and messages up between spoken text and visual displays / How can you play with presentation materials?