Even if we don’t realize it, we’re all born naturally good speakers. However, we often feel very differently when standing before others. Our training will help you conquer these public speaking fears, enabling you to be yourself – both confident and expressive.


In our experience, we’ve realized that ‘performing’ as such doesn’t really exist. Instead, it’s all about communication: sharing our thoughts with others, whether it’s with a partner, friends, or colleagues in a meeting or conversation. Even on stage, it’s not about performing; it’s about creating a dialogue.


We utilize theater training and directing techniques. The goal in public speaking is a focused mind and the ability to gain and retain people’s attention. This means focusing on clear thoughts and connecting with the audience. Our rule is: Pay attention to the people listening to you and deliver your message to them.


Anonymous Presenters is a public speaking agency that was founded in 2018. Its creators were actor and director Mart Koldits, who also leads the Drama Department at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, innovator and entrepreneur Hardi Kinnas, and customer experience leader Laura Tamm.


39th Masterclass series: 5.08, 6.08, 9.08, 19.08 ja 28.09, 8:30-10:30 (EST)





Every masterclass session was invaluable, discussing key topics and reinforcing what we’d previously learnt. The stage experience in particular was vital, as it solidified the techniques we’d practiced. Mart's skill in succinctly passing on his decades of knowledge, focusing on the most effective methods, was very impressive.

Brotherhood Member

Clear. Precise. Practical. Top-notch. Powerful!

Jelena Laudver
Head of People and Culture, CybExer Technologies

Anonymous Presenters is a key part of our training program. Their unique, personal method adds great value. Starting as a one-off workshop, they've now helped many people in our organization, with all of the feedback being extremely positive. We've sampled several training courses, but Anonymous Presenters' unique approach works well, even for the least confident speakers. We can highly recommend it!

Maarja Pärt
Chief Executive Officer, Yolo Group

Authenticity is key. Being natural and true to yourself in front of an audience builds up trust and inspires people. We all naturally do this with our friends and family, but in front of strangers, stress can make these skills disappear. Mart teaches you how to remember these public speaking techniques and stay present.

Robert Kitt

Even our most experienced speakers improved with Mart's help. He has a talent for finding and enhancing what works best in every person. Even with years of experience and training, I found his approach very effective. I’d say it's essential for anyone before big presentations.

Elli Tiivel
Marketing Manager, Toyota Baltic