Team Training Experience: ‘How’ is Just as Important as ‘What’

Last week, a highly creative group, the team from the creative and design agency Division, stepped onto the stage with their prepared speeches. At the training, they learned, among other things, how to connect with the audience, how to tell a story, and how to use support materials effectively. They studied theory and did many practical exercises.

For a fertile creative ground, opportunities for development and rest are more vital than just hard work. Together, we are smarter, more vigorous, and thus better partners for our clients.

Clear and convincing presentation of ideas and thoughts is a crucial skill for a creative agency employee, as taught by one of the creators at Anonymous Presenters, Mart Koldits. It’s unfortunate that today, due to the obsession with digital devices, young people’s face-to-face communication skills are increasingly lacking.

The team went through a multi-day practical program, analyzing reasons for loss of focus and learning how to create an emotional connection with the audience. Even a great story can’t make a poor speaker a good presenter. ‘How’ you do something is just as important as ‘what’ you do.

AIGI SOOL, Division team leader and partner