Public speaking – in reality, the question is not in the speaking itself, but what you want to achieve with it. This is what we will help you to learn and develop. In order to achieve the best results, you need an experienced team and proven methodology.



Our work combines traditional acting classes and stage directing with decades of experience in organising business events and conferences. As practitioners, we have given advice on effective public speaking to dozens of top-level Estonian executives and opinion leaders.



The core of our team consists of Mart Koldits, Head of the Von Krahl Theatre and stage director, and Hardi Kinnas, event marketing creative manager and strategist with over 20 years of experience. We cooperate with the best speech writers, information designers, producers and psychologists in order to make public speaking a satisfying experience for you and to ensure that your message gets through to your audience.


Rehearsal room

Participants’ feedback:

Everything begins from authenticity. People who can perform naturally in front of an audience and remain themselves are able to win their listeners’ trust and inspire them. In reality, we are all able to perform authentically – we do it every day among our close ones and friends. Unfortunately, it seems that stress makes these abilities disappear once we step in front of an unfamiliar audience. Hardi and Mart will give you a refresher course on how to speak clearly and teach you how to be present.

Robert Kitt, Head of Swedbank Estonia


Worrying about what others think of you and thus failing to deliver the message/thought for which you climbed on the stage in the first place is so human. Theoretical basis and enjoyable hands-on exercises help things fall into place, ensuring that next time you will be able to enjoy performing to the full. This advice will get you through life.

Alvar Tõruke, Regional Director at DSV


None of us is a natural born public speaker. We need to focus on certain aspects of ourselves and once we begin to develop them, we will notice the change.
What I value most about Mart is his personal approach and how he highlights tips that are important to you personally.
This allows you to push forward and witness your growth first-hand.

Gunnar Toomemets, Chairman of the Management Board of Luminor Estonia


The training transformed my performance anxiety into a desire to test my skills and speak at every opportunity.

Veiko Karu, Member of the Management Board of ELKE Group


Mart transforms overcoming stage fright into an exciting, creative process.

Aigi Sool, Partner at the Division Advertising Agency


Highly practical, concise and stylishly organised training. You really get your time’s worth.

Leon Jankelevitsh, Head of Tamro Baltics



Jaan Lepp, Chairman of the Management Board of DSV Transport


A very professional training event where you will experience your rapid development via a personal approach.

Vladimir Ossipov, Head of Sales at Marsh Estonia


The programme’s greatest strength lies in its practicality. Mart’s shared knowledge makes you open your eyes and see situations from a new perspective.
I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues who want to learn more about this field.

Keit Paal, Chairman of the Management Board of AS Merko Ehitus Eesti


My recommendation is to continue what you’re doing and help people to become better at public speaking. This benefits everyone from the listeners to the speaker(s) themselves.

Tõnu Mertsina, Head Economist at Swedbank Estonia



We provide inspiring and enjoyable speakers for your events both from Estonia and abroad. Our partnership with Speakersforum allows us to bring their speakers to audiences in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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