Mart Koldits

Mart, one of the co-founders of Anonymous Presenters, is renowned for the advisory role he plays on a daily basis to teams and executives. An alumnus of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, he holds a Master’s degree in directing, and has an impressive track record as both an actor and director at Tallinn City Theatre and Von Krahl Theatre, the latter of which he has managed for the last five years.

Besides his commitments at Anonymous Presenters, Mart also heads up the Drama Department at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, where he also contributes as a lecturer.

Laura Tamm

With an extensive background in management and customer service, Laura is a team leader with Anonymous Presenters. She excels at perceiving and consistently fulfilling the client’s expectations.

In her role as partner, Laura focuses on managing the operations of the speaker training program, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Hardi Kinnas

Over the past 25 years, Hardi has been instrumental in launching a range of initiatives. His significant roles include being the co-founder of the event agency Orangetime Event, a partner and strategist at Anonymous Presenters, and the creator and developer of, a smart meeting service.

In Anonymous Presenters, Hardi is responsible for pioneering new developments. His greatest challenge is the creation and implementation of a comprehensive online training platform.