Interestingly, the virus panic that hit us all changed the life of our public speaking school less than we expected. Yes, we took a break like the rest of the world, but then we slowly resumed with our masterclasses for executives and personal training events. Today, we also continue our group classes. Naturally, we have masks and disinfectants at hand, where necessary.
What did change? One thing is for certain – Anonymous became more virtual. We all decided to organise our first virtual public speaking classes with people who wish to avoid contact with others and we are happy to say that the result went beyond our expectations and communication between people went swimmingly. As a result, if people are in a hurry or have another reason why they cannot meet up face to face, we can now offer a well-functioning alternative.
What is in store for summer? We are currently organising a few more classes, after which we are planning to go on a holiday in July, so we can be with you again in August. Until then, we recommend that you watch this video, which provides inspiration for crisis communication and getting your thoughts across to your audience during these turbulent times.

Video: The Telegraph